Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too Many Tidbits

It's Tuesday, and we're too nonplussed to bother with your typical, meaty blog post. Here are some news briefs left over from the race and elsewhere.

This week's goals are four runs and 17 miles, with a long run of eight miles and at least one trail run. I'll be curious to see if the Dirty Dash has an effect on my running, whether positive or negative. 

Speaking of which, prior to Saturday's race, I weighed 175 pounds. That's still heavier than I'd like, but within healthy BMI.

The Minimus Zeros performed well during the 10K, draining well from the wet conditions. Also, they cleaned up easily afterward, with just warm water rinsing off the mud.

The iFitness belt also worked out well, keeping my phone dry and not bothering me a bit during my 11 miles. And bonus! it doesn't show in the pictures I've seen from the race. 

Can you see me now?
In other gear news, I have one more new item to try out, a new reflective vest. During the move to the new house, my heirloom Reflecto-Vest went missing. I replaced it with the Runners' World vest, purchased from Amazon.com for $10.43. The vest has 360-degree reflectivity and chest pocket. However, I have not needed it since the time change. I'm sure I'll use it soon enough.

Yesterday, I felt nostalgic and then old for feeling nostalgic after reading an account of three Ohio University students completing "The Bicentennial," a challenge that would have suited Martini and I a couple years ago. The trio finished 100 beers and ran 100 miles in one week, during Spring Break. Check out Day One

That's enough nonsense for now. Cheers!


misszippy said...

Oh man--that Bicentennial! I think you have to be a student (meaning young) to pull that off!

Enjoy the higher miles this week.

Spike said...

Glad the purse worked well. I also got nostalgic reading about the The Bicentennial...and Glory Days played in the back of my head.