Thursday, January 5, 2012

Like Starting Over

Almost six years ago, I laced up a pair of Etonic cross trainers that were too tight, bundled up in sweatpants and a couple layers of long-sleeved shirts with a knit cap and went for my first run.

I was tired of doing nothing, and my weight had climbed too high. A few months earlier I had smoked my last cigarette, and I wanted to do something with my newfound lung capacity. That day I embarked on a journey to become more healthy.

After a year of new lows in running performance, my weight has once again crested that high water mark it had reached in 2006. I'm not normally obsessed with how much I weigh, but I've gained 20 pounds since 2009, when I sneaked under 160.

This morning, I asked Mrs. Viper to push me out of bed because I skipped my run last night and then gorged myself on tacos and snacks. The recent snow made the footing cause for a slow pace, but I may have found my recipe for not feeling terrible after a morning run: 100-ups.

Before heading out the door, I did 20 of the "minor exercise" followed by 20 of the "major exercise." I also did 20 repetitions of chair dips, 15 crunches and 50 bicycle sit-ups, but it was the 100-ups that I credit with getting my body ready to run.

Normally, my knees feel terrible after morning runs. The minor exercise got my legs warmed up, and the major got my blood flowing and my balance in order. Now, if I can actually get myself out the door routinely, I might be able to become a morning runner. Maybe ...

Following the run, I did 20 reps of 20-pound curls and a few more crunches before Dobson decided to interrupt my workout. He's notorious for attacking me when I'm doing any sort of exercise that involves lying down.

To get my weight back in order, I'm starting to log my food consumption. The only diet I believe works is eating less and moving more. I'm a bit behind on my pre-training running plan this week, but the next few days appear ripe with warmer weather and no snow in the forecast. Let's go!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, tacos!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Love tacos!

MCM Mama said...

Love how the men focused on the tacos LOL. Now if it had been beer you mentioned...

I hear you on the weight sneaking up. And I agree it's all calories in/calories out, so I've been trying to watch what I eat and up the calories out. Good luck!

Carolina John said...

Eating less and moving more is one thing. But making healthier choices about what goes on the plate is something different. Go vegetarian for a week or two. it does wonders.