Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Good Place to Live Drink

The job market stinks. The winters crush your soul. The closest thing to a beach is the Lake Erie shore. Chrissie Hynde, our vegetarian dining savior, had to close her restaurant. But darn it, we still have good beer!

Livability, and online resource dedicated to good places to live, has ranked Akron, Ohio, as the third best place to live for beer drinkers in its "Top 10 Beer Cities" list. Thanks to three local breweries and our pubs with giant selections, Akron is one of the greatest places to drown your sorrows.

If your tears happen to fall into too many beers, we can help with that too! Aside from being the Rubber Capital of the World, Akron is also where Alcoholics Anonymous was founded. You can go from our local beer festival, Blues & Brews, to a local AA chapter in just 12 steps.

The article doesn't even mention the number of locations where you can buy a growler and take home draft beer to enjoy by the half-gallon. Huzzah!


misszippy said...

This is all excellent news! I certainly hope that the Akron Tourist Dept. utilizes the info for all it is worth. ; )

I didn't know C.H. had a restaurant there. I guess I will not get to try it. As an aside--my favorite pizza restaurant in the world is there--Luigi's. Ever been?

Ironman By Thirty said...

K-Zoo, MI at #4 and G-Rap doesn't even get a mention??? I call bullshit.

Congrats to Akron. Glad to see you are helping support the economy.

Sun Runner said...

I see the 'Zoo is at #4, but Ann Arbor has the best beer bar in the Midwest in Ashley's Pub. We also have Arbor Brewing Co, Jolly Pumpkin, and Grizzly Peak (and that's just in A2). Branch out a little and you get the Corner Brewery and Frog Island in Ypsilanti, Michigan Brewing Co (Webberville), Liberty Street (Plymouth), Witch's Hat (South Lyon), Original Gravity (Milan)...the list goes on. Kalamazoo has Bell's Brewery and...then what? Arcadia in Battle Creek? Grand Rapids has a bigger beer scene than Kzoo. Hello, did they even realize GR has HopCat? And the BOB??

But who cares about all 2012 MY TOWN is getting a brewpub. I will be able to walk to said brewpub from my house. And, the best part of all...the part I'm so excited about I just can't hold it in any longer? I own a share of the brewery. I'm PART OWNER OF A BREWERY!!!!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Cool about Akron. We just got growlers last year (it had been against the law). I now have a Growler Baby Seat. Ridiculous, but it was an easy gift for my dad to get me for Christmas.