Friday, August 19, 2011

Flashback Friday: Staying Back

The early race jitters are starting to consume me. The Buckeye Half Marathon is nine days away. Last Saturday, I ran more than a half marathon distance, so the length isn't the problem but the speed. I'm worried that my race brain will trick me into trying to run last year's PR pace of 7:57 per mile. My training runs have been no-ho-ho-where near that fast.

I've never run a half marathon in more than two hours, but even a 9:10 mile pace seems too fast for my training this year. I've already resigned myself to setting a new personal worst (PW) for each of my scheduled races this fall. The problem is sticking to a race day plan that doesn't self-destruct before the finish line. I need a reasonable goal.

Going back to the Parrott Predictor, my latest forecast called for a 4:41:48 marathon finish. If I then plug those numbers into the McMillan Running Calculator, I get a half marathon finish of 2:13:37, which gives me a 10:12 mile pace. That seems doable.

Never mind the theory that both the Parrott Predictor and the McMillan Running Calculator may be completely bogus.

I think there is a 2:15 pace group for the Buckeye Half. I could stick with them through most of the race, like I've done in the past, and then see if I can pull away. Of course, my pulling away will depend heavily on how I feel that morning after my bachelor party.

More so than ever, my success lies in my ability to stay back and not run too fast.

Back Talk
Wherein this poor economic climate affects our outlook on shoe prices

Jess questions the cost of the Invisible Shoes: "$40 to run in what look to be flip-flops?!"

Answer: "I know! If they put a mesh upper on it, they could charge $120, easy!"

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Julie @ ROJ Running said...

Have fun on your night out. I'll see ya lined up with the 2:15 group.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Have fun! Stop worrying about the race, and worry about the schwag they are going to give you. Will the shirt fit, is the decal straight, etc.

Sun Runner said...

Running a half marathon the morning after your bachelor party, does, I believe, one-up my dad's studying for the bar exam the day after he and my mom got married.