Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scheduling Conflicts

This is an eventful year for the Viper and his Enthusiast. The summer has blurred past. Weekends book up faster than a sleazy motel on prom night. Or at least as fast as the hotel block we reserved for our wedding night, which turned out to be a popular choice for others planning their nuptials and also precedes the Cleveland Browns' home and season opening game. Yes, the days are packed.

Thus, it may not be a surprise that some weekends have been double-booked. Consider the Aug. 27-28. That Saturday is when my groomsmen have planned for my bachelor party, a night of bar hopping and Cleveland Indians baseball. That Sunday is the Buckeye Half Marathon, my yearly tune-up for Akron and perhaps favorite race. See what I mean? Packed.

I don't want to miss the race, but it will take discipline. I will need a solid hydration plan, a conservative race approach, a firm constitution, and perhaps a ride to the race.

The Buckeye Half starts at 8 a.m., which is conveniently later than most races. However, I'll be in Cleveland over night, not just around the corner like I would be if I were at home. Logistics are going to be a pain in the rump.

However, having a race the next morning will hopefully save me from drinking myself under the table and spending the next several days cowering from an incessant pounding right between the eyeballs. Hopefully.


Nitmos said...

It might be easier to drink right through the night, into morning, and all the way to the starting line. It'll all end up blending together.

I recommend Pabst. It has a blue ribbon.

JojaJogger said...

Can't wait to read that race recap.

Jamoosh said...

Are there odds on your finishing time.

Paul said...

I've run a half with a hangover: party till 1am, got to bed, get up at 5am drive to race, run's the perfect remedy!

No hangover when you are done.