Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday: The Last Hurrah

This is it. I've imagined the wedding as a great ship, built over the last year and set into the water on an unstoppable voyage toward nine, ten, eleven. People like to ask the Enthusiast and I these questions: "Are you ready?" or "Are you nervous, yet?"

The next 15 days are the crescendo to our getting married symphony. The last minute details need detailing, but everything has been set in motion long ago. Everyone else is frantic, which is the only reason why any of this is any kind of stressful. Yes, I'm ready. No, I'm not nervous. These are stupid questions.

This Saturday is my bachelor party and the Enthusiast's bachelorette party--the so-called "last hurrah" for us as singles, even though we haven't really been single for the last three years, but whatever. And then, Sunday is the Buckeye Half Marathon. Everything has taken on a theme of "the last time I (fill in the blank) as a bachelor." (E.g., this year's Buckeye Half Marathon will be the last time I run a race as a bachelor.)

To me, the race is every bit as important as going out with the guys. And the best part is seeing the woman I love at the finish line. In the end, this is all still about her and us and our lives together. What I'm looking forward to even more than my last race as a bachelor is my first as a married man.

The last hurrah? Nonsense. It's just the beginning of many hurrahs to come.

Back Talk 
Wherein we get a new kind of racing advice. 

Carolina John has something to add to the list: "You're forgetting to make the groomsmen drive you down there! Make 'em run it with you."

Answer: Actually, one of my bachelor party buds (Martini) is running the race too, but he's skipping out early so he can drive home that night instead of driving me to the race the next morning.

Robin lists another aphorism: "Here's to not throwing up along the course or the finish line! Oh, and don't forget to factor in the pre-race poop."

Answer: Yes, this race will be a good test of my Puke Threshold. And I never forget to poop before I run.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Sun Runner said...

Never compare anything to a giant ship because all that does is remind people of the Titanic and look how well THAT turned out! Analogy FAIL!

If you want to be a boat, be this one. Or, this one. Best of all...THIS ONE.

Good luck at the race!!!

Viper said...

The Titanic was also one of the most successful movies of all time (regardless of my opinion of its actual merits) and the boat itself lives on today in the memories of everyone, with a kind of romantic awe. Trying to bring me down? FAIL.

Jamoosh said...

Best of luck - I think. The Titanic lives on in everyone's memories because it was such an epic FAIL.

Kirstie said...

That has to be one of the sweetest things I have ever heard a guy say about his girl! Wishing you a great wedding day and a fab life together. All the best in the buckeye half too! Normally I would be there but since I'm not running...well silly to be there.

BrianFlash said...

Good for you - not being nervous. My philosophy is that if you are nervous before the wedding you probably shouldn't go thru with it.

Worked for me - not nervous before - just celebrated 20 years.

Robin said...

Kick ass in the race, Viper! And have fun at your pre-race party!

Carolina John said...

Good luck brother. Have fun at the party, and rock the race! I hope you don't get the beer shits at mile 10.

and yes, we lived together for 2+ years before getting married, and it still changes everything.