Thursday, June 16, 2011

Numbers Game

Up until last weekend, I hadn't worn my watch or paid much attention to my pace this year. While it has been fun to run free from time, I think it made me a bit lax in my attitude toward running, specifically in regards to marathon training.

During the past three runs, I've strapped on my watch and been surprised that my pace has been comfortably in the 9:00s. Suddenly, I have some hope that I can be faster at this year's Buckeye Half and Akron Marathon, my only sure-fire races scheduled for 2011.

In years past, I would have already run a few races by now. I almost pulled the trigger on a 10-K this weekend, that is, until I saw the registration fee. I'm not about to pay $40 for a race that I know I'm not in condition to attempt a PR, no matter how fun the course might be or how cool the shirt looks.

Now I'm making peace with the idea of possibly only running two races this year. There's enough going on in the life of Viper with the wedding and work responsibilities. If I just have two events to worry about, then I think I can give them just enough attention to do well. I just have to get serious.


Jamoosh said...

Happy belated Flag Day!

Jamoosh said...
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Nitmos said...

You are just going minimalist...everything, aren't you?!

BrianFlash said...

$40 for a 10K - good call on skipping. There are nice $20 5Ks going on all the time and they take half as long to run!

Sun Runner said...

I can only imagine what Jamoosh wrote that he felt needed to be deleted. It must have been great.

At least you can run right now.

Ironman By Thirty said...

$40 for a 10k? Wow. What has this sport turned into?? It's like people are trying to make money from our pain.