Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday: No Mojo to Go, D'oh!

I got off my morning routine and can't get back on it. Two days in a row now that I've failed to answer the call of my alarm. This morning, I thought I hit snooze but turned it off instead. Dinner plans derailed my plan for an eight-mile trail run tonight. But who was I trying to kid by planning a run on a Friday evening?

This weekend, the Enthusiast and I are headed to the Great White North to visit some family. They have some sort of trail thing nearby, and I think I'm going to run a long way on it barefoot to make up for my failings.

Maybe I need to bust out my watch again. I haven't worn my watch to run since last year. Perhaps the lack of real stats makes my runs feel less serious and therefore less important. Something has to give or the marathon is really going to suck hairy elephant balls come September.

Back Talk
Wherein pictures of my dog still get me the most comments.

One picture of Dobson is worth 165 words (eight comments). It's not the thousand words of legend, but still significant compared to the response to other postings lately.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Nitmos said...

If you are going to be running to make up for your failings, won't you eventually run into an ocean?

Ian said...

Dog pictures = more comments. Perhaps you should turn this place into a dog blog. I hear the internet could use a few more cute animal blogs.

BarefootJosh said...


Dobson is a very handsome pup.

T-Bone said...

"suck hairy elephant balls"...I'm going to make it my mission to use that in a sentence tomorrow. Thank god I have some 8 year old's birthday party to attend.

Good luck with your running motivation!

Robin said...

It's this crappy on-again, off-again weather we've been having. I was rocking it last week, but the mixture of intense heat and unpredictable storms has zapped me this week. I hope you find your routine soon! You can't miss your beloved Akron Mary.

Robin said...

Viper, wasn't sure if you knew that Steven Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers are going to be at Chautauqua July 1 for an evening of bluegrass and banjo. You could hit up Southern Tier while there.

drdaven said...

I am right there with ya Viper. Can't seem to get my poop in a group in regards to training motivation and the clock is ticking. First Tri is in 5 weeks. I do have a 5K this up coming weekend. Maybe that will get me moving.