Monday, June 13, 2011

Continental Op

Saturday morning started on the road to the Great White North with the Enthusiast to visit family. We arrived in Windsor shortly after noon and added unnecessary U's to various words and reversed the order of "-er" at the end of others so that we would fit in, eh?

That afternoon, my nounos and I went for an approximately 13-km run/rollerblade on the Ganatcho Trail -- "gazpacho trail" to some -- which was OK until my Vibram FiveFingers started cause some blisters. I was leery of the asphalt surface, not sure how smooth it was or how hot the sun might have made it.

However, it being Canada, the asphalt wasn't hot whatsoever, despite a hot afternoon. Removing my shoes brought great relief, but there were some quite rough spots that were difficult to navigate. I opted for the grass a few times, but Windsor has that thick, spiky stuff that wasn't all that much better.

Having been running most of my longish runs on the hilly trails back home, the flatness of the gazpacho trail allowed me to gauge my pacing. But running along with a rollerblader caused me to run faster than I might have alone.

For the first time all year, I wore my watch and clocked myself at about 9:30 per mile, which gives me a decent baseline even though the actual distance was estimated.

While I managed 16 miles last week, I only ran twice. I need to get back to those morning runs. I also need to get past this weight yo-yo I'm riding. However, more consistent running will probably be the key to getting down to racing weight.

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