Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Shall Be Humbled

Last week, some of us may have gone a little too far in heralding the Springtime weather in the Midwest. It is still February after all. We are again blanketed in several inches of snow after another storm yesterday.

However, the good news is we're supposed to return to above-freezing temperatures tomorrow.

Those of us who have lived in this region all our lives should know that there's always at least one more big smack down before winter is truly over, no matter how nice it gets.

Spring does not start until March 20. As runners, we must keep YakTrax and base layers at the ready until then. End of story.


Anonymous said...

Singlet weather for me today. Not bragging or anything...wait, yes I am!

Nitmos said...

Hmmm, not sure what you are talking about? Must be more bad Ohio stuff..

Springtime is a state of mind and, in this state, it's in my mind.

Sun Runner said...

I believe I said the same thing in my post. Sheesh. Why does Nitmos get all the love?

Wait...he's spreading his subversive spring-is-here message all over the place...

I have about 8 inches of snow in my yard again. My workouts for the week for far have consisted of shoveling massive quantities of snow.

I have it better than my parents in Chesterland, however. Their power has been out since 2:00 am Sunday morning. My mom reported today that she can now see her breath inside the house.

Jess said...

It's sunny and in the 80s in SoFlo today! I'm wearing flip-flops!

Man, that bragging alone was worth the move to FL :)

Spike said...

I'd complain, but winter doesn't care.

Aileen said...

We've avoided most of it in Champaign, but it did start snowing again today, with the promise of more snow on Friday and Sunday. Such is life in the Midwest!

Barefoot Johnny O said...

We've even canceled season openers for snow. It will bite you in the ass. I happen to like the occasional ass bite, but that's another story.

I just flipped off my flops. It's 25 here in CF town. Comfort is not dependent on temperature. So take that soflow.

Michigan sucks . . . except for snowmobiling!

misszippy said...

Spring can be such a cruel tease!