Monday, November 8, 2010

Early Darkness, Early Opportunities

My mindset headed into the weekend was to keep running even though my return to running and conversion to the silly toe shoes had my lower extremities a bit sore. However, sloth got the better of me and for the better I think.

Today arrived with a feeling of bodily refreshment. This week's weather forecast appears ripe for good running. However, Daylight Savings Time is over and darkness arrives an hour earlier. Before that reality set in, I had high hopes of running some local trails after work. That's not going to happen now, not without a flashlight or headlamp to illuminate the way.

Instead I'll settle for a trip around the neighborhoods as I get back to this whole running thing. I might just have to give morning runs a try since there some daylight to be had at those early hours.

This will be a good week for logging miles.


Jamoosh said...

The joy of being a little further south. Plus it will be 70 degrees when I step out my front door for my evening run.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I thought of you on my last 5K. 34 degrees and a guy passed me (of course) with no shoes on. Just bare feet.