Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Tasting: Future Flavors

I don't have a new beer tasting for you today. However, I present you with what is to come. Behold: the future!

Two-stage brewing kit and porter recipe

With my remaining Flag Day funds, I stopped by the Grape and Granary and picked up my latest DIY project, a home brewing kit.

The kit includes a primary and secondary fermenting container, tubing, gaskets, whoseits, whatnots, thermometer, hydrometer, cleaning supplies, brewing manual, a bottle capper and caps. The store also sells its own prepackaged beer recipes, so I chose a porter for my first beer. The only thing I still need to buy is a brewing kettle (a five-gallon stainless steel pot).

I've already read through the brewing manual--some sections twice--which is more than I can say for this poor backburner'd book. In the coming weeks, I'll be updating on you on this latest experiment at Chez Enthusiastic-Viper.

I'm pretty sure nothing will explode. But I can't guarantee that the apartment won't have a foul odor while the wort transforms into delicious (I hope it's not poison) dark beer. Cheers!

For those of you who brew your own, feel free to impart your wisdom to a couple of first-timers.


Xenia said...

Did you do well in high school chemistry? If not, I hope that kit also came with a set of worry beads, a prayer candle and a link to God.

Good luck and happy (unexploding) brewing.

Jamoosh said...

Rock on!

Cleanliness: learn it; know it; live it. Your brew accessories cannot be too clean. B-Brite, iodine and bleach (unscented) are all good things to have on hand.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Nitmos said...

Making crystal meth now, eh? Yo, good luck with that.

drdave said...

To cool! I have wanted to brew some of my own but have not worked up the courage. Now I can live vicariously through you.


Carolina John said...

Home brew? go for it. I've never tried brewing my own but I hear it's fantastic. The word of warning, friends who home brew love it and get totally addicted.

chia said...

My old neighbors used to brew in the hallway of the apartment-house across the hall from me and I rarely, if ever, noticed the smell. If you do happen to catch a waft of it, get a cat, refuse to clean the litter box, issue solved.

Jess said...

And your apartment didn't have a foul odor before?

BrianFlash said...

Charlie Papazian - enough said.

Echo the cleanliness and multiply by ten. That's the only thing that can ruin your experience.