Thursday, March 4, 2010

2 = 1+1 = 11

As penance for gorging myself on maple frosted doughnuts yesterday, I went home and leashed up Dobson for a quick two-mile run around the block. I'm still taking it slow with the pooch while he learns how to run in straight lines and at a faster pace.

Though I ate two doughnuts, two miles didn't feel like enough of a punishment. I rolled out my mat and set upon another round of the Eleven workout. Barefoot Josh challenged me to an Elevens duel, so I really tried to knock it out as fast as I could. My score: 8:13.

BFJ still has me beat by a full two minutes, but I'm willing to bet I got a better workout as Dobson tried to tackle me every time I dipped down for a push-up or dropped back for a sit-up.

Do you know how tough it is to fend off an exuberant puppy in the middle of 55 push-ups and 55 sit-ups? To compound the problem, every time I shoved him away, he thought we were playing and came right back at me.

However, I'm happy to note that I don't have to resort to girlie push-ups anymore. And unlike Josh, I can do real sit-ups.

[Drunkard's note: If you can't solve my fuzzy math equation in the title, that's 2 (doughnuts) = 1+1 (miles) = 11 (workout).]

Jumping on the Virtual Bandwagon
Razz is trying his hand at being a virtual race director with his Global Warming, My Ass! 6.66 Mile Run. How do you sign up? Follow my handy link and write "I'm in" in the comments. You have until today to get on board, so hurry up. Then all you have to do is run 6.66 miles some time between March 5 and March 14. And make sure you blog about it, or Razz will cry and call you names.


Nitmos said...

If Razz will cry, that seems like motivation NOT to sign up.

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Puppies are awesome! And I fully get the math now.

Al's CL Reviews said...

The nerd in me saw your title and thought, "No! 2=10." I guess I should stop thinking in binary.

Love the Dobson workout.

Ms. V. said...

AH, Viper.
Girlie pushups still kick my ass.


Jess said...

My "puppy" is more than 4 years old and he still thinks that push ups and sit ups mean play time!

southofthecliff said...

I'm now at 4:08, with real sit-ups. I'm a machine.

I don't even know this Razz guy, but I am moved by his cause. I shall have to sign up.

misszippy said...

We'll cut you some slack for the dog. I have made the 11s workout a part of the routine. Have done it for 2 weeks now and I definitely need to move the bar up--Josh and I discussed 13s, which is my goal next week. Can't really imagine ever making it to 21, can you?

drdave said...

Missed out on the sign-up for the Virtual race. Looking forward to the results. New to your blog site. Love the fact that you are more like me than Steve Stenzel. I hate that guy too, but I follow his blog pretty regularly. At least you run more like me and it looks as though you love the dark beer. You HAVE to be a good guy!

Kitzzy said...

I tried The Eleven this weekend after my 6.66 mile run and managed it in just under 6 minutes. I did have to resort to girly push ups after the first 10, but I am a girl so it's ok :)