Monday, June 29, 2009

Unintended Rest, or No?

I missed my first run in this marathon training cycle. My planned four-miler on Saturday got carried down four flights of stairs and set on the curb for any takers, as my busy week continued into the weekend.

You'd think that this unintended rest would have had me feeling fresh for Sunday's eight-miler, but my quads and hamstrings were barking at me after a week's worth of carrying boxes down from a third-floor apartment, up to a second-floor home sweet home.

I was feeling guilty about the missed miles until Sunday afternoon when I started upon my long run, another day of mid-80s temperatures and high humidity. By the fourth mile, the familiar feeling of lactic acid sludged through my legs. After eight miles on Sunday, I felt less tired than I did after no miles on Saturday. Indeed, I felt refreshed. That's what stepback weeks are for, right?

This week will probably be busy again at work, but at least it's only four days. This weekend is the Davey Tree 10-K, where I intend to break 50 minutes.



Jess said...

You moved? Are you trying ot make it even harder to stalk you? I mean, without an image, name, or address, how will we ever hide outside your home and frighten you?

Caroline said...

At least the moving is done now, and so you'll be feeling all settled by the time you hit Davey Tree this weekend.

Good luck with the PR - breaking fifty is such a great 10K milestone!

Xenia said...

Congrats on surviving the move. Have fun playing house.

BrianFlash said...

You can do the 50 - your intervals are clearly fast enough to let you get there.

Drink one less beer then you think you should the night before ;)

Good luck!

Ted said...

Consider moving as part of your cross training, dude! It is no question that you can get it under 50 min for the Davey Tree 10K. Make sure you hydrate properly before the race like beer or martini.

X-Country2 said...

Moves are so stressful. I don't plan to do it again for quite some tiem. Good luck with that 10K!

Blyfinn said...

Good luck with the 10K. I think you have a 48 min. in ya.

Al's CL Reviews said...

You forgot to tell us what you drank this weekend.