Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback Friday: To the Core

It was almost 30 degrees and it was almost light outside when I went for another three-miler last night. I was almost overdressed. What is this, Spring?

I took it easy on the run, but then I did some core strength exercises afterward, dusting off the stretchy bands along with some dumbbell curls, balance ball sit-ups, planks and metronomes. I wasn't sore this morning, but sitting in this office chair I can feel my body tightening. I may be walking around like a question mark come Happy Hour.

After I showered, I ventured to my grocer for some pizza fixings and what did I spy with my little eye? A glorious green plastic 51-ounce bottle. Baltika No. 9 Extra Lager, you are mine for $2.79.

Back Talk
Wherein ... wherein ... wherein I'm sick of trying to come up with different descriptions for a feature I've been running since last June.

While many of you kind readers tried to allay my concerns about being overrun, the edited-for-loquaciousness Glaven said: "I disagree with all of the commenters above. I think the two other runners handed you your @$$. I see no reason to pretend otherwise."

Answer: Thanks for the levity. And relative brevity.

Echoing a question Ms. V. asked earlier this week, Xenia asked: "Out of curiosity, do you have a race coming up or are you just going to run whenever old man winter isn't trying to chap your ass?"

Answer: Cleveland is in May. I'm trying to avoid a last-minute training push like last year.

Post Script: I just noticed that both comments used the word "ass" -- or in Glaven's case a symbolic representation thereof. Way to keep clean, guys.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us. Have a fine weekend, gentle readers. Run well and drink well.


Marcy said...

I classed that up for you real nice, eh? ;-)

Ian said...

Training for a May race in January is a sure fire way to burn yourself out, I can't wait to read more about it.

C said...

Keep it clean?! I was trying to class up the joint. I soon realized however that that was an impossible task.

Have a good weekend.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You neglected to mention you also added the "s" that I accidentally left off "commenters", thus making a real "s" of myself.

Sorry. I'm just not as creative as Marcy, who, after all, is powered by her overwhelming £u$‡ for me.

"Lurve" means "£u$‡", right?

Jess said...

I know it's 50 degrees here today...what gives with this wacky weather....not that I'm complaining

Sun Runner said...

No, you bought Baltika for five and a half cents per ounce. It makes it sound more classy that way, doesn't it? Instead of buying your beer by the nearly-half-gallon, you buy it by the ounce like gold or fancy perfume. Imagine a Baltika ad presented as if it were cologne: half-naked models, dudes with mirror sunglasses and white sport coats with nothing underneath, a few Ferraris sprinkled in for good measure, a close-up shot of a jumbled pile of diamonds, and a Russian-accented voiceover saying "Taste the icy flavor of Russia. Taste...Baltika. It is crisp and clean like the finest diamond or ice from Siberia." End with half-naked model rubbing ice cube over her lip. Now who says that's not worth more than five cents an ounce? Damn, it should be more like 50!

tfh said...

Pizza fixings...ah, the intrigue grows. Do you make your own dough? Does Baltika figure into the recipe at all?

Happy weekend.

Ms. V. said...

It's January. You mean to tell me there are no 5K's in February in the midwest/frozen tundra?

Ms. V. said...

PS-This always happens to me when I'm on your blog. I get called away and I'm on your blog for EVER. Like I'm all stalkerish.

PSS--I am interested what you look like with a beard. That is so weird to me for some reason. Not that I would know otherwise,

Jess said...

Enjoy your wamr spell. It surely won't last.