Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where Have All the Good Shoes Gone?

My stomach has grown used to its semi-daily doses of naproxen sodium tablets. Today, the ankle is wrapped. My left ankle has felt beat up. I don't know why. I suppose it could be a result of this and this. But who knows, really? The pain could also be derived from old shoes.

Out to Pasture
In my bedroom, in my closet, on a shelf, a box of unworn Brooks Adrenaline shoes sits. This is my booty for running the Akron Marathon. But the box reminds me that my old Brooks are a year old and nearing retirement.

These shoes have served me well over 416 miles, on the good days as well as the bad, through training runs and races, delivering some memorable PRs and accompanying brilliant revelations. But their time has come.

I feel the shoes got a fair send-off, though, as I wore them on my 10-mile run in Cooperstown last weekend. I didn't know it when I picked them to accompany me on vacation, but the Brooks had one last long run in them. I'm glad it was that run.

Now, I'm wearing them around more. I think they know.

Screw 'em!
The paradox about retirement is that it is both a reward and a death sentence. You work long and hard for it to come, but when it does? You get a party, where your former coworkers introduce you to your young replacement, who reminds you how you'll spend the rest of your days as a useless slouch in a mind-crushing stupor before you shuffle loose this mortal coil.

Why do you think all those poorly treated Wal-Mart greeters are former retirees? They just want to have a purpose again, even if it's welcoming shoppers who coldly ignore them or handing out smily face stickers to children who pity their sad existence.

Retirement, otherwise known as pre-death.

I don't want that for my Brooks. I feel that they can still serve me well at short distances. Or, perhaps, they need a makeover. I have considered making screw shoes since last year, but I never had the guts to possibly ruin a pair of shoes.

When I discovered this procedure, my shoes were far too young. Perhaps the Brooks are willing to donate their soles to science.

The First Step
Yesterday, I received a comment from an anonymous coward reader, who informed me of a mistake in my Tuesday post. I wrote that I was running alongside Lake Otesaga when I was in Cooperstown. I was wrong.

The lake is Lake Otsego. The Otesaga is resort hotel that is on Lake Otsego, where I ate dinner one night. (Very good, but pricy.) I admit it, I didn't check my facts. I hope this confession absolves me of my sins. Or least that sin.


Jess said...

Glad to hear the shoes are going out on top with a quality 10-miler

Ian said...

Something about the screw shoes just doesn't seem right. I don't know if I'd be confident enough in my handywork to run in them once I modified them.

C said...

Man, you're sentimental. More so than any woman I know, especially concerning their footwear. Crazy.

I like the screw shoe idea. Perhaps you could document the procedure? I know you don't have a camera, but I'm sure you can borrow one from someone. Maybe. Or not.

tfh said...

Your Brooks are lucky you make 'em last so long. Mine start collecting disability around 250 miles.

Sun Runner said...

My first pair of Brooks Adrenalines lasted 500+ miles before they were honorably discharged to walking-around-town, yard-work, and desk-jockeying duty (I'm wearing them right now as a matter of fact). It's a well-deserved retirement for these shoes which served me so well. Their younger, sexier replacement (OK, just Brooks Adrenalines again) just boosted me to my first marathon finish. Oh, you might want to consider this classic study when thinking about your shoes. What might your running shoes have to say about your spiritual growth? Substitute "Viper" for "women," of course, unless there's something we don't know about you. ;)

Spike said...

or...and you might not be able to do this because it is an unselfish act...donate them. Runner's World has a list of places that accept old running shoes.,7120,s6-240-323--10041-0,00.html

Nitmos said...

Use them. And discard them. Stop being a wuss.

Vava said...

Screw them! I love the last bit on that screw shoe site: "Happy screwing!" Is there any other kind???