Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mission Accomplished: Sore

Swiss balls are also called balance balls, apparently for a reason. In lieu of running last night I decided to expand my Swiss ball repertoire and see if I can't get ripped in one night. I did some sit-ups, bent knee bridges, leg lifts and back extensions. I even blew the cobwebs off the dumbbells for some curls. But it was the side crunch that about did me in. Oh sure, it looks all easy in the video. You just wedge your feet against the wall, like so, and place the ball under your hip and away you go. And by "away" I mean belly-flopping into the floor. That's fine. Rookie mistake. After the first set, though, I figured I had a hang of the positioning. I switched sides and almost didn't die this time. By the third set, I was ready to make my own video. Heh, watch this. Whoop! Down I go. Thanks to my ninja-rific reflexes my arms broke my fall. I did a fourth, less traumatic set and called it a day. That should be enough action to satisfy the oversized bouncy ball for a few more months. Afterward, I remembered to follow my workout with two generous pours of Johnnie Walker (red) on the rocks. It helps reduce swelling and increases confidence. This morning, my core is hurty. But my hip feels great!

(Drunkard note: Photo and videos swiped from Ridgeline Fitness.)

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Ian said...

I have a balance ball that I've never used. Every now and then I reprimand my kids for playing with it, but perhaps I'll give it a try one of these days.