Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend Bits

Some good news from the doctor Friday. My cholesterol is down, as is my blood pressure. The doctor put me on Lipitor last visit because the bad shit was up around 190. This time it was at 158, and that's after only taking the medication for a month. It was too expensive for this broke soul to keep up with. I guess that's all I needed. My blood pressure has been in the 140/80 range, but this visit was at 126/78. Good shit.

Finally got my 16-miler in on Saturday. Averaged 10:19 per mile, which is two seconds off my ideal training pace. Not bad. However, I have a strange tug in my little toe on my left foot. It only hurts when I walk. I can flex it, twist it and tug it with no pain. Hopefully, these two days of rest will fix it.

Friday was my company picnic. I had a bottle of wine concealed in a thermos. Not the greatest beverage for a hot day that involved water skiing, volleyball and football. After that, a few of us got together for bbq, beers and mezcal margaritas. Yum.

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