Monday, June 11, 2007

The Road to Akron

Today is the official starting mark of training for the Akron Marathon, which simply means there will be a whole lot more running talk in these parts. But the good news is that the drinking will have to counter-balance the weekly mileage.

For instance: Saturday was an eight-miler, followed with a Bloody Maria (with Jose Cuervo 1800), two Labatt Blues, a Foster's and three Bass Ales.

Spurs in the Side
San Antonio is ruining life. The Cavs look like morons on the court next to Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and, well, the whole rest of the team. Cleveland's defense is looking bad and the "random offense" looks even worse. The Cavs are running around like children while the Spurs drain shot after shot and Cavs fans drain pitcher after pitcher. There wasn't enough beer in the bar to dull the pain of last night's 103-92 Game 2 loss.

Birthday Week
It's the viper's birthday this week. Buy him something pretty for Flag Day.

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