Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back on Par, Maybe

After a morning run Monday, a visit to the Sand Run Parcours Trail cemented my revelation that, yeah, I'm out of shape. Compared to last time running the exercise course, my final numbers weren't too, too bad.

Considering how far I've fallen off the workout wagon, I was surprised that I could still do six pull-ups. However, I cut back on most of the exercises on the course to ensure I didn't feel utterly broken afterward. And success! There is some soreness in my shoulders and back, but all in all not too bad.

Yesterday was Mrs. Viper's birthday, so we both took off work and hung out. We had planned to do some yard work, but the 16th straight day of rain put the kibosh on that idea. We came home from our day out to water in the basement. I was impressed it hadn't flooded already.

Last night and this morning were spent sucking up the water with our wet/dry vacuum unit and mopping the floor. There are still some puddles that I'm hoping will dry while I'm at work today so I can go for another run today instead of slopping around in the basement. I guess we'll see what happens when I get home.


Nitmos said...

Ohio sure is a miserable place, isn't it?

B. Kramer said...

Not compared to Michigan.

Carolina John said...

That's the tough thing about basements. They will flood easily. Good luck finding a sump pump.

Sun Runner said...

My basement is moisture-prone and I don't have a sump pump either. I think there used to be one (I can see the round marks in the concrete) but someone, years ago, removed it and filled in the holes. Now I just have a floor drain in an inconvenient place. Eventually I figured out that a lot of the water from my downspout was pooling in a place where it would then find its way down the seam between my house's original 1920 foundation and the shitty-ass cinderblock travesty that is my kitchen addition foundation. It was like a highway for water into my basement every time we had a heavy rain. I put a long extension on the downspout and aimed it into the grass. Holy shit, problem solved! Even with all the crazy rain we've had lately, my basement has stayed puddle-free. What a nice change! I did so hate coming downstairs to find standing water in my basement...

At least my basement has a concrete floor, unlike so many other old-house "Michigan basements." I can push water around or vacuum it up if I have to.

I also found a dehumidifier helps the dampness problem a LOT.

Aren't old houses FUN?!