Thursday, May 23, 2013

Palms In vs. Palms Out

First a quick tutorial (for Jess). Chin-up = palms in. Pull-up = palms out. The difference in grip = different muscles worked. Both stress the back/lats and biceps, but chin-ups work your biceps more and pull-ups more the lats. You'll get more detailed analysis here and elsewhere, but that's the gist of it. For me, pull-ups are more difficult.

Yesterday's run was the first time I've cracked a 12-minute mile on trails all year. The Buckeye Trail in Brecksville was dry and empty. Only one major climb required walking, so otherwise the winding paths kept me flying.

It must be time to up my distance though, as my exhaustion soon passed. My runs still have mostly been timed, with my watch timer set for a 35-minute out and back. When I was done running, I sat on a picnic table for a few moments and then decided to stop by the Sand Run Parcours Trail for a set of pull-ups. This time on the higher bar mentioned in yesterday's post.

FYI, leaping up to the bar takes a lot out of you. I managed three consecutive pull-ups before having to drop down, and then I was done. I tried but couldn't do another rep on the higher bar, so I switched to the one where my toes still touch the ground and managed three more solid reps and a few half-assed attempts before calling it quits.

That familiar feeling of soreness that was lacking in the prior day's set of pull-ups was felt again. My body buzzed from exhaustion. It was a good day.


B. Jarosz said...

Hmm. I didn't know the difference either. Thanks for the tutorial!

I did 3 chin-ups a few weeks ago (after 3 solid months of weight lifting) but I still can't do a proper pull-up.

Congrats on yours!!!

Jess said...

Thanks for the education.

Now, if only I could do more than just dangle helplessly; then, I'd be on the Linda Hamilton, a la Terminator 2, fast track! For now, I guess Betty White guns will have to do...