Monday, April 29, 2013

Step Back, Chin Up

Two weeks ago I was bragging about my improved pace on the trails, how it dropped by almost two minutes per mile, but that was two weeks ago, the last time I ran until Saturday. My pace has since stepped back to about 15 minutes per mile.

Saturday was one of those perfect running days. Blue skies. Warm. Nice breeze. The budding leaves providing enough shade to keep it from getting too warm. The parking lot was packed at the Boston Store, where I picked up the Buckeye Trail southbound.

My 35-minute run provided plenty of hills. After the long layoff between runs, my legs felt heavy and my hips ached. The distance clicked in at just under two and a half miles.

This month's mileage won't wow anybody, but it's already more than double the last two months combined, yet still only about half what I ran in January. My anger at my weight and general lack of fitness is finally starting to create some motivation to shape up.

After my run, I stopped at Sand Run and parked as close as I could get to the chin-up bar on the par course, where I managed seven reps. I'd still like to get a bar for the house, but I'll take free for now.

Despite the long gap between workouts, my legs and arms were only mildly sore from the effort. This week's weather forecast looks ripe for running, and I intend to make the best of it.

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Carolina John said...

it's that time of year when the trails beckon, and the pollen screams stay away. Good job getting out there for whatever kind of milage you could get. It all works!