Friday, March 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: Eliminate the Negative

In the past, the start of a new month heralded a running recap of the prior month. Considering that recap consists of very little, let's just skip it, OK guys?

If that rat bastard Phil was right, spring should be here any day now, despite a weather forecast showing nothing remotely like an end to winter. If and when that actually happens, you'll see some running. I miss the trails.

As if Northeast Ohio wasn't north enough, Mrs. Viper and I are headed up to Canada tomorrow for some Greek dancing and to visit family. That will probably be the extent of my exercise this weekend.

Back Talk
Wherein strangers talk about the weather

Redhead has hit the proverbial wall: "Over the last week I officially hit my breaking point with this weather. Fuck living in the north."

Answer: Rule No. 1 of living in the Great Lakes region — Never admit defeat. You're just asking for another Super Storm blizzard.

Jess also envies the Viperous bunker: "Snuggling up and watching movies sounds pretty rad to me! Could be worse: You could be channeling 'The Shining.'"

Answer: What's wrong with channeling "The Shining"?

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


misszippy said...

Yeah, it's time for a break. I knew that stupid animal was lying!

Nitmos said...

You would think an oversized rodent would be great at predicting the weather. Go figure!

I think I need a recap. I'm in the mood for some good schadenfreude about now.

Viper said...

Do you remember Mr. Owl in the Tootsie Roll Pop commercial? There's your mileage recap, bub!

Jamoosh said...

Most people forget that Phil isn't predicting for an entire country, just a small region. And I guess if you are going to lump yourself in with Pennsylvania, well, I have no comment.