Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

You may have noticed it yesterday if you clocked in at Team BHI headquarters later in the day. If not, go ahead and take a gander at the right hand column of the page. Do you see it? Right there, under my little bio, is something stupid silly.

Here, I'll give you a hint. It's the thing that looks like this:
Yeah, that's ridiculous, isn't it?

A couple of weeks ago, I get this email from something called eCollegeFinder about how I've been nominated for this prestigious honor. All I had to do was fill out this short form and — voila! — nomination accepted. Now the Booze Hounds Inc. Running Team shows up on some link I doubt many people will ever see, but ooh check out my nifty little badge that says how healthy and fit this blog is.

Who's ready for shots?

At any rate, welcome to you visitors from eCollegeFinder. Click on my ads so I can get paid. Cheers!


Jess said...

Accolades and honors, oh my! I feel distinguished just visiting here, sir.

Nitmos said...

Got the same email. Deleted it. Didn't feel like filling out the form.

But I'm still ready for shots!

derscott said...

I think it's absolutely perfect. But I like that sort of humor. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be in top health or top fitness so I guess I can't visit anymore?

Sun Runner said...

I got the same thing (as did Morgan, the Redhead) and ignored it because it smelled of spam. Good to know your standards aren't as high as mine. ;)

Al's CL Reviews said...