Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Walking the Dog

The time change has thrown us for a loop. Running has not happened, despite some OK weather. The upside to turning back the clocks an hour has been the attempt to keep waking up at what is now an hour earlier to get out and walk the dog.

We had been bad puppy parents this summer and got away from regular exercise with our four-legged boy. He's more of a cold-weather fan anyway. As soon as the temperature dropped below 50, Dobson began staying outside longer just to enjoy the cool breeze.

Now we've begun walking him every morning again, so at the very least there's been some exercise in the house, though not nearly enough for us bipeds, who have been rather slothful and gluttonous in recent months.

With the holidays fast approaching — seriously, Mrs. Viper's secret plot to put out the Christmas decor could be implemented any day now — we need to get serious about eating right and working out. We've been saying this now for weeks.

"Yeah, we should do that," one of us will say, and that will be it until next time.

And then there is our health.

My wife has been battling a cold and sinus AIDS for what seems like forever. I've been fighting off a headache and snot cancer. The season wants to knock us down and make us beg for mercy. 'Tis the season for hibernation.

Meanwhile, we just walk the dog.


Jess said...

What is sinus AIDS? Is it preceded by sinus HIV?

I know what you mean, though, about the crud. I've had 3 illnesses back-to-back. It's the pits.

Nitmos said...

I ahve an itchy eye. Is that Eye Herpes by your definition?

Good thing I already own the medication.

C said...

I'm still trying to shake off a cold I've had now for almost three weeks. Karmic retribution for one of my many transgressions probably. Hope you both feel better soon.