Monday, October 29, 2012

Get Along Sandy

And so it rained and rained and continues to rain. All sorts of plans were dashed by the onslaught of this brewing "Frankenstorm." Runs were canceled. Home improvement projects were postponed. General malaise ensued.

Starting Friday after work, when the idea of a run seemed ludicrous amid temperatures that dropped about 40 degrees from the days prior and the rain that started and has yet to quit, which in turn eliminated any thought of staining the porch over the weekend, the weather has been a bitch.

Here's what we did instead.

Late Dinner, Early Bed
After Mrs. Viper got home from working late, so went to a local bar and grill for burgers, beverages and dessert. We've been rewatching Twin Peaks and had big plans to get through some episodes we'd been falling asleep to this past week. We went home and promptly fell asleep to those same episodes.

Home Improvement, Craft Time
Instead of buying stain and other tools for the porch as we had intended on Saturday, we spent the morning grocery shopping, and then we visited the craft store and Lowe's for a project my wife had in mind. While buying some magnets for her project, we decided to install a hanging rod to store coats in the basement, which cost less than $10. While Mrs. Viper crafted, I drew a picture of Batman from The Dark Knight Returns in my new sketch book. I'm totally an artist now, guys.

Lame Partyers, Cops Agree
Saturday night, we went to a Halloween Party. I've retired from creative costuming and wore a Jack-O-Lantern T-shirt, while Mrs. Viper got all fancy with her make-up and went as a witch. We left the party around 10:30 and were ready for bed. On the way home, we drove through a sobriety checkpoint. The officer said, "You clearly didn't have too much to drink."

Family Visit, Browns Win
We spent Sunday with my in-laws, lazing on the couch and watching the Cleveland Browns not lose to the San Diego Chargers in a National Football League football game. It was a relaxing day.

One Episode, Game Over
When we got home, we tried once again to watch some Twin Peaks. We got through one episode before one of us was snoozing. I read a bit, watched some more football and kind of saw the last game of the Major League Baseball World Series. I'd call that series lame, but that seems a little like the pot calling out the kettle for its blackness. Soon afterward, sleep overcame me as well.

They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday looks just as bad.


Carolina John said...

For a storm, that is still quite the epic weekend. Ya gotta hand it to the Giants, though. Winning 7 straight postseason games is really tough. And at least you made it to a halloween party. Us old fogies were stuck at home saturday night.

B. Jarosz said...

"You clearly didn't have too much to drink." If it were me, I'm not sure whether I'd find that comforting or disturbing?

KW said...

Yes, you kindof have to be alert and alive feeling to watch Twin Peaks. It's a great show, but it needs full concentration and focus.

Jess said...

I never watched Twin Peaks when it aired originally, I think I was in like 6th grade, so wasn't age appropriate. Is it good? Or is the falling alseep business indicative of its quality?