Friday, May 4, 2012

Flashback Friday: Double Trouble

The yard work and running duathlon has become my new event. Having completed the reel mower-city lot division and 11-mile run event Sunday, last night's motorized mower-suburban yard division and three-mile run seemed like a cake walk. However, the heat did its part to accelerate dehydration during the evening's challenge.

My father has been on the disabled list this past month, so I've stopped by my childhood home a couple times to cut the grass for my parents. Their yard is probably more than twice the size of ours, but it takes about the same amount of time to cut with a motorized, self-propelled mower.

The sun blazed down on me and got my sweat glands primed for my run at Hampton Hills, following the yard work portion of the duathlon. The car ride provided just enough time to cool down, before venturing back into the heat for a short trail run.

Thankfully, at about 7:30 p.m., the sun had become less intense and the trees provided some cooling shade, but my pores were still exuding sweat at a rapid rate. As I warned against yesterday, I didn't carry any water with me on the run, and I could have used it.

My average pace was a mediocre 12:17 per mile, but the run kept me on track for this week's goals. The weekend plans include another three-miler and a 12-mile long run.

After obsessing over my weight earlier this year, I've not written about it in a month, and turns out that was for the better. My new routine has been to weigh myself on Thursdays, usually after a run. Since early April, all my measurements have been below my preferred threshold of 175 pounds, and the BMI tracker on my running spreadsheet pins me at a reading of 25.03 (based on my overall trend weight) -- still a bit high, but way better than how I started the year.

I was on a bit of a post-wedding binge, kind of like the "Freshmen 15" for married people, but I'm happy to report my consistent running and better food choices have pulled me out of the tailspin. My goal is get down to around 170 pounds before the Akron Marathon.

Back Talk
Wherein we discuss the difference between whining and hyperbole

Carolina John quenches his thirst for snarkyness: "I'm not going to feel pity for you with temps in the 70's [sic] and 80's [sic]. oh [sic] poor viper [sic]. We've been sitting on 93* highs for a few days now. which [sic] is still considered to be a mild summer temp in NC. this [sic] sucks."

Answer: While I stand by my statement that this humidity feels awful during a run, the weather has been quite enjoyable otherwise. It's just early, which means my body isn't acclimated to running in it. Like MizzSippy commented, I usually won't carry any water for non-long runs once we're in the thick of summer.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates! Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!

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