Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Little Something

My streak began with a peculiar abdominal pain that turned my Thanksgiving running plans into time spent packing instead. That pain has since gone away, but the running has not returned, as you well know by now. This morning, however, I got the urge to do something -- anything -- akin to exercise.

At first, I decided to try some "100-Ups," the very exercise that I blamed for that odd gut pain. With that done, I then dropped down and gave myself 20 push-ups. Finally, I rolled onto my back and did a set of bicycle sit-ups.

The effort was a shock to the system that sent blood racing through my veins. I still don't know when I'll run again, but at least I completed a little fitness activity to stay in some semblance of shape. Again, it's the little things.


Jess said...

Well, I am told that something is better than nothing.

Suzie Thomas said...

Many so called "best abdominal exercise" are working on the abs muscles that are under the belly fat. Most lower abdominal exercises only burn few calories and these calories do not just come from the fat in your abdominals. Your body will burn fats equally from other part of the body, not just stomach fat.