Monday, August 8, 2011

Solid Weekend, Delayed Long Run

Yeah, it was doable to run four days in a row to fit in all of last week's training runs, but it seemed more ideal to add a day off and delay Sunday's long run until today. That, and I had a sunburn that I didn't want to further aggravate by spending a hundred minutes outside. Overall, though, my weekend runs turned out well.

My legs felt pretty decent considering the crammed mileage from Thursday through Saturday. Nine miles were done barefoot and another five were done in my new huaraches. Yesterday's Today's 10-miler will also most likely be in the Invisible Shoes. (I've been running in the "Connect" version, with the 4-millimeter sole.)

Sweaty Beast
In my advancing age, I appear to becoming smellier. I don't remember sweating as much as I do now. Each time I return from a run, my body is coated in a filmy sheen. Furthermore, my sweat stinks worse than it did before. It used to be that I didn't mind rewearing running clothes once or twice. Now, the stiff test results in an "egads!" and a swift toss to the farthest corner of the room. Am I going to be a stinky old man?

So Stinkin' Slow
Another trend this year is my painfully slow pace. Yes, switching to barefoot running is likely a main contributor to my lacking speed, as I've had to slow down to ensure good form, but I also haven't run nearly as much this year. I think I'm looking at a 4:30 marathon at the very best. Who knows what I'll manage for a half.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with a 4:30 marathon.

Nitmos said...

You used to rewear running clothes? Stinky or not, that's just plain gross. How many days in a row are your underwear on?