Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morning Runner: Latest FAIL

Three days in row and counting. Each evening I tell myself I will get up early and run before work. Each morning I'm awake too late to hit the road.

The alarm clock is even set for half an hour earlier than it was the last time I went for a morning run. Instead of getting up earlier, I've snoozed later than ever.

Maybe I'm just not meant to be a morning runner.

The biggest disappointment of this week's failure is that I got into a pretty good rhythm last week with four runs and 17 miles. This week? No runs, no miles.


Nitmos said...

But the week is only half over. PLenty of time for, say, 3 runs and 15 miles??

No mornings for me either...can't do it.

The Sean said...

just aim to run for 5 minutes in the morning to get the habit started... I know it is difficult, trying to transition myself.

misszippy said...

Just throw in the towel. Now.

Xenia said...

I second misszippy.

On an unrelated note, you guys got some pretty plucky seniors over there in Akron.

I'm a bit disappointed about the non-deployment of the ninjas moves though.

Ironman By Thirty said...

I'm with Nitmos. 3 more days to knock out some mileage and turn this week around. I can't run in the morning either so I can't help you there.

PS: I saw a guy running in homemade hippie shoes the other day. Hopefully he sent you a royalty check.