Monday, November 1, 2010

Bottled Up and Ready to Go

Finally, the beer is in its final delivery vessels. In just four short weeks -- though, I'll likely crack one open after two -- the Enthusiast and I will be able to drink our porter.

We have 47 bottles. We started filling the 48th, but it was a bit short so we decided to just drink it then and there to get a good taste for what we're in for. It was the Enthusiast's first sampling of the brew. (I've had plenty from gulping it through the siphoning tube.) Her enthusiastic reaction: "It's really good!"

The porter is reading at about 5.25 percent ABV right now, a little lower than I expected. But the taste is enjoyable, even in the warm, flat state it was in last night.

Short Month
Have you guys seen October? It seems to have gone missing, and me having only ran 10 miles the whole month. That may be a new record low.

Falling for Gimmicks 
Early last month, I was sure I had found my new running shoes. I had been reading about New Balance's upcoming Minimus line of minimalist running shoes. This model is due out early 2011, but its predecessor is available now: the MT 101s.

Dollars from my most recent paycheck were earmarked for this purchase, but then I tried on a pair of Vibram FiveFingers KSOs.

My thinking was that I would ask for the Vibrams for Christmas. I convinced myself that these are gimmicky shoes, but I still wanted to try them. I was surprised by how comfortable the KSOs were, and the Enthusiast coaxed my repressed, inner spender to open my wallet.

Of all the new "barefoot shoes" available now, the Vibrams seem to be the closest to what I want for the lowest price. (Have you seen those $160 Terra Plana shoes?) I wanted to be able to continue barefoot-like running through the winter, and I'm hoping these will do the trick.

Return of the Run, I
With new shoes comes new motivation. My first run in the Vibrams had to wait until this morning. My body was a bit shocked by how cold the temperature was. Did you know that it's fall?

My feet felt a little strange with the snug fit of the FiveFingers. The little bit of padding really does have an impact on the difference between true barefooting and running in "barefoot shoes." As Barefoot Josh has said, there is a very wide gap between the two. I was careful not to pound my feet, paying close attention to my form. With just one run, I already like them better than my aqua socks and hippy shoes.


Anonymous said...

Is there an over/under for the four week waiting period?

MCM Mama said...

Congrats on the home brew. I miss our days of doing that.

I found the same thing with the Vibrams about needing to be super careful about how I landed. I do love them and often wear them for non-running activities now.

misszippy said...

Patience is a virtue with the brew. Looking forward to hearing about it. Will you design a cool, fancy-schmancy label for it?

Nitmos said...

This minimalist movement sure doesn't seem to be cheap. Less shoe...more money.

Junk Miler said...

Nitmos: the plus side is there's no cushioning to get squashed requiring frequent purchases. I've got a few hundred miles on a pair of $6 aqua socks, and see no reason to buy a new pair this winter. But yeah, I agree with your main point. The prices are wackado.

Viper: Since you're used to running in shoes without socks, you might be impervious to the blister issues some get. I never tried the ksos; I would probably like them, but I just don't feel like paying for them. Merrill might be sending me a pair of their minimalist trail shoe to try out. Free: that sounds like the right price to me.

Anyway, I hope the kso continues to work out. If you want some cheap toe socks, let me know. I have a connection.

Funnyrunner said...

Interesting that you're trying those "shoes." I've seen them and look so funny. I've been tempted to switch to a free or minimalist shoe, but, having been injured in the past by wearing the wrong shoes and not having been injured for the past 7 years from my Brooks Adrenalines, I'm going with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy. Although... I've been having arch discomfort during some runs recently...

How are the Vibrums for the arch? (I have an average arch) Keep us updated.

The Sean said...

I feel a bootleg giveaway coming on...

Unknown said...

I, too, was thinking that Vibrams are just gimmicky shoes, not until my boyfriend bought one for me. All I can is "amazing." I used to run on barefoot before, but now it's no longer possible since I moved in to a new place. Thanks to these barefoot shoes. They really mimic the feeling of barefoot running and I'm quite satisfied with it. In fact, I added some unique designs to my Vibrams. Check out the images here.