Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday: Where's My Kryptonite?

One of my lasting memories from my first Akron Marathon was the sight of a grayhaired man in a Superman shirt passing me after 20 miles. This year that didn't happen. He was ahead of me the whole time.

Meet Clark Schreiber.

Maybe not faster than a speeding bullet, but faster than me.
One of the first things I remember the Enthusiast telling me after I finally achieved my goal of breaking four hours in the marathon was, "Superman beat you again." Thanks, hon.

Looking back at his previous performances, Superman has beat me twice (2007, 2010). If he's racing next year, it will be a rubber match -- in the Rubber City. Don't think I'm above carrying a stick of Kryponite in my shorts either.

Wait ... that doesn't sound right.

At any rate, I will triumph over the old man of steel. Perhaps I'll even don a costume of my own. Clark will meet his Doomsday.

[Drunkard's note: Why, yes, I am a recovering comic book nerd.]

Back Talk
Wherein the faithless return and the fearful hear the sound of squealing pigs. 

Xenia resurfaces to mock my sickness: "Excuses, excuses. I sense a big fat fail on the horizon for you in regards to your yearly mileage goal. From here on out you need to average almost 23 miles per week. Yeah. Sure."

Answer: Is that number still right? Guess I should go running soon.

Jamoosh remembers a misspent youth not playing banjo: "First I wanted drums. Parents said 'no.' Then along came Steve Martin and I knew I was destined to play the banjo. Apparently banjos were too expensive and once again, the parents said 'no.' To this day, I regret not learning an instrument, but moreso for not saving my money and buying a second hand banjo. I guess there is still time."

Answer: It's never too late. Let me know if you ever need banjo buying advice. Too bad I already sold my old one. And just for fun ...

Sun Runner's pleas go unfulfilled: "Please tell me you listen to Bela Fleck, too ..."

Answer: Nope. I respect his skill, but his music does nothing for me.

Nitmos also remembers a misspent youth: "At an early age, while my parents were at working leaving me home alone with unsupervised, unfiltered cable, I saw Deliverence. Now, I can only associate the banjo with ass rape. Thanks for the trauma today." [sic]

Answer: Not that I needed a reason to make banjos a recurring topic ...

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a finely brewed weekend. Good luck vibes to all you racers, especially Martini, who is running his fourth marathon in four weeks on Saturday in Indianapolis. Run well and drink well. Cheers!


Xenia said...

You need almost 24 miles per week now.

Happy weekend.

Jamoosh said... I am in the final 50 yards of the Eugene Marathon and the crowd starts going nuts. I know they are not cheering for me and the announcer confirms, "Now coming around the corner (reads name) - 74 years old!"

So that's who I tripped a half mile back (kidding)!

B.o.B. said...

Old dude is totally mocking you. I love it.

(I'm pretty sure I got dusted at a 5K by a lady pushing a jogging stroller.)

misszippy said...

I can relate--pink tutu man always beats me in marathons. Go crush that old guy! ; )

Sun Runner said...

One of my destinations this weekend, other than the finish line of the Grand Rapids Half Marathon, is Founders Brewery.

Bring on the Breakfast Stout!

Have a great weekend.

Sun Runner said...

P.S. A song with a prominent banjo part, though maybe too slow for your liking: Band of Horses, Monsters.

Speaking of BoH, I'm going to see them live in a week. Yay!

The Sean said...

I was beaten by a 6 foot tall white bunny in Okinawa a few years ago...