Thursday, July 22, 2010

Show Off

The allegation came from behind as I charged up the last rolling hill of Sand Run, passing a group of women runners. My legs churned through sludgy oatmeal on a humid afternoon, but then I heard one of the women say, "We're being passed."

"I noticed," said the one with the "beware of the turtle" shirt. Then to me, "Show off!"

I barked a single-syllable laugh, as that was the only thing I could do after pushing through seven miles at tempo pace. A few more strides and I found a bit more pep in my step. The oatmeal was gone, and my legs flowed freely toward my finish. Maybe I am a show off.

Less Shoe, More Blister
For some bizarre reason, I decided to remove the sole inserts to my Brooks T6 Racers. My reasoning was that it would be less cushioning and give me more feel for the ground.

That, it did.

It also gave me more feel for the stitching that binds the upper to the sole. Stitching starts to feel abrasive after an hour of running. I'm putting the inserts back in.


Jamoosh said...

Perhaps his and her's minimalist shoes go on the wedding registry. You ARE registering at the running store - right?

misszippy said...

Everyone gets caught up sooner or later! The important thing is to not get passed back. ; )