Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hunting the Monster

I haven't seen it on tap. I haven't seen at the grocery store. In short, I haven't tried it.

The beer, like its namesake, seems like a myth. Or just a minor league hockey team.

Then someone comments that they actually tried it. A review of it appears in a national magazine. They say it's real.

Great Lakes' newest creation, Lake Erie Monster, is rumored to be a 9.1 percent ABV unfiltered Imperial IPA. It sounds too good to be true.

The hunt has been on since it was released in May, but now it's in overdrive. I resorted to using Great Lakes "Beer Finder" to see who was holding. I spied one local restaurant and one local fancypants grocer.

Cast the nets! We're reeling in a big fish for the Tuesday Tasting.


Brad said...

I picked up a 4-pk this past Saturday at the Heinen's in Twinsburg. They had a very large display of it, selling for $9.99.

Sun Runner said...

Did a quick search for availability up here...found at the usual suspects (Ashley's in Ann Arbor, Merchant's in Dearborn).

An unfiltered imperial IPA? Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Thanks for the tip!

X-Country2 said...

God speed!

Unknown said...

Update: I went to Ashley's in Ann Arbor for lunch today and asked specifically for the Lake Erie Monster. No go. I consoled myself with a Delirium Nocturnum and a Bell's Kalamazoo Stuout instead. And yes, the rest of the afternoon at the cube farm is going much more smoothly!

gin hall said...

You may have to make the trek to Cleveland- it's all over up here, and i hear it's worth the wait for draft. Man, I'm thirsty.