Monday, March 29, 2010

Sluggish Weekend Hangover

Team Booze Hounds just wasn't feeling it this weekend. Poor sleep and rainy weather doused all activity plans, save for my daily walks with Dobson.

The weekend kicked off with a Happy Hour spent with a child that someone actually entrusted me to watch while the parents went to a party. Said child went to bed early, but the parents took advantage of the free night and came home late and well-imbibed.

The late evening threw off my sleep, and I let a nice day on Saturday go without a run while a nap took over the spare time.

The bad weather came Sunday, and tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers game took up most of the day anyway.

Only three miles last week. Pathetic. Let's call it a rest week.

Today doesn't look too promising, as yesterday's rain has carried over for a demotivating morning. However, the rest of the week looks promising. Let's get our heads out of the puke bucket and hold them high in hopes of better running ahead. Cheers!


Xenia said...

Someone trusted you with their offspring and you actually agreed to watch him/her??

My mind is officially blown. Like whoa.

Jess said...

You baby-sat? I am amazed!

Ms. V. said...

wait. you babysat?

****looking for airline tickets****

misszippy said...

I am glad both you and the said child survived intact! The weather is supposed to improve drastically this week, I hear, so lots of running to be had!

nwgdc said...

I think we need only mention the child went to bed early. There is no further mention of said child.
Please tell me the child is okay, and back in the custody of a TRUSTWORTHY individual.

the erratic epicurean said...

today gets a big ol' boo hiss. i keep telling myself i can wear my vest and i don't need a coat anymore - i froze my ass off this morning. stupid NE ohio weather...

Carolina John said...

after you have kids you have to take every freaking night out and live it up to the fullest. you should have been proud of them.

hope the weather clears up. we had 8 tornado's touch down yesterday!

drdave said...

I could empathize with you and help ease your mind but that is just not me. GET OFF YOUR ASS! Come on man! Your better than this!