Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday: Fatigue Flummoxes Form

You ever feel out of control when you run? Like, you're trying to keep your form in check, but instead you end up flailing your limbs? That was my six-miler last night in Sand Run.

No matter how hard I tried to keep my strides short and fast, my legs would not cooperate. My body bobbed up too high and crouched too low. I never felt comfortable. Yet, I managed a decent 9:05 pace.

I'm blaming the Hampton Hills for filling my thighs with cement and throwing my form out of whack. I also strayed from my runabout routine and was too focused on time.

After my run, I managed to fit in an Elevens workout without Dobson mauling me, thanks to the Enthusiast distracting him for 9:11 (ugh, I'm getting slower).

Back Talk
Wherein it's obvious that my "readers" would rather look at pictures of my dog than actually read what I write.

David (drdave) should not have read about my trail run with Dobson in front of his wife: "Okay, now I am in trouble. I showed my wife your recent post about Dobson. The only response, 'I love that dog. It's my birthday, you tell him that I NEED his dog!' Not a word about how funny the post was.

"What is up with a fuzzy face on a dog that gets women all worked up? When my face is fuzzy like that, all I get is a razor handed to me and finger pointing me to the bathroom. Sheesh!"

Answer: I'm keeping my fuzzy face and the dog, but Dobson's half brothers and sisters are available.

Jess is closer to the truth than she realizes in regards to the park where Dobson and I ran: "This sentence: 'Dobson led me back into the wooded area of Hampton Hills Metro Park after a muddy romp through the field at the Top O' the World' sounds like the start of a story about a serial killer named Dobson!"

Sadly, a woman's body was found in that area of the park, in 2007, after her cop boyfriend killed her and stashed her body there. There's also a local legend of an ax-wielding maniac that killed his family who lived on a farm near there.

Happy Hour is nearly upon us, teammates. Have a finely brewed weekend. Run well and drink well. Cheers!

P.S. ...


Xenia said...

Perhaps the reason why Dobson can't run in a straight line is because he can't see with all that fur. And they do say that people resemble their pets, so maybe you were all out of whack last night because of a similar fur issue. Something to consider.

Have a good weekend.

Sun Runner said...

My neighbors tie their Old English sheepdog's face hair out of the way with a good old hair elastic. The resulting topknot looks semi-ridiculous, but at least he can see.

I'm back in C-Land this weekend and looking forward to my run on the towpath tomorrow morning.


Jess said...

Yessss more Dobson pictures!!!

BrianFlash said...

The glories of form degenerating with fatigue. I get into zombie shamble mode at times - that's a good sign that I'm totally spent.

Cute dog, but I don't see how they can guard sheep - he can't see five feet with that hair in the face.

Razz said...

Just an awesome lookin dog you got there!

Jamoosh said...

You are much better spoken than I - you use the acceptable statement "out of control" - I would have just said "retarded."

drdave said...

Viper, you play dirty. Come on! Posting the website of the whereabouts of a Dobson look-alike. Your killing me. YES, my wife looked and drooled and cooed and anything other womanly oh-ah.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I just love Dobson!