Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Run Well and Drink Well

Uh-oh. It's time for holiday parties. But how do you escape with your waistline in tact?

I know I said I'd call it a week, but new shit has come to light as I'm now in the middle of an office party. Coworkers have brought in all sorts of fatty foods and sugary treats, and some of us are indulging in the holiday spirits while we reply to important business e-mails.

All these consumables are going to affect my running, either by providing a poor source of fuel or by adding on pounds that will slow me down. How do I indulge without gaining weight and thereby adding minutes to my mile pace?

I have come across this list of high-calorie holiday drinks to avoid and suitable substitutes that will keep you merry without jiggling like a bowl full of jelly. Even my teetotaler readers will find beverages of interest. See how all inclusive I am? I just wish I would have read this before pouring all this bourbon into my eggnog. Cheers!


The Sean said...

This had NOT occurred to us, Dude...

Sun Runner said...

"Careful man, there's a beverage here!" Or at least there are at your workplace, which makes yours about a million times cooler than mine, where there is not a single holiday treat, not even a freaking cookie crumb, to say nothing of the total absence of liquid cheer, to be seen. This place sucks. Can I crash your party?

Never fear, for I am hitting up the greater Cleveland area this evening to find that which I lack at the moment.

Sláinte, my friend!