Thursday, June 4, 2009

'He's Playing the Pan Beers'

We interrupt this screed (and that screed) on my marathon training principles to bring you the latest in boozing news and trends. First, we have the newest episode of Tiki Bar TV, which features one of my favorite musical instruments, the pan beers. See it below.

This past weekend, I took my Restless Leg Syndrome to the Great Lakes Brewing Co. for a pint and later I grabbed a four-pack from the same brewery at the grocer.

At the brew pub, Great Lakes had a deliciously smokey porter called Big Black Smoke, which you can't have because they only have it at the brewery so there! At the grocer, there was a four-pack of Great Lakes' newest seasonal, Glockenspiel. Both beers were excellent, but quite different from each other and from many other Great Lakes beers.

The Big Black Smoke was rich and flavorful. As a Scotch man, I love smokey flavors so this taste may not appeal to everyone. But I loved this porter and hope to see it in stores some day.

The Glockenspiel, on the other hand, was a German-style dark, unfiltered wheat beer with a deep, fruit-tinged flavor. My only complaint is the four-pack. Where are the other two beers? I'm thirsty here!

[Drunkard's note: Go pour some out for our homie.]


Vanilla said...

A 4-pack? That's not even enough to create your own pan beers instrument.

Roisin said...

Four doesn't make sense. Did you try to take 2 cans out of another pack and add it to the 4-Pack? I'm sure they'd understand.

Carolina John said...

sounds great! nothing beats a local brew, wherever you are.

S said...

I went to a beer festival the other day and had the most amazing beer ever...yet I can't remember what it was called so I will never have it again. I'm so sad. However, the Glockenspiel sounds delicious. I want one now :-)