Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Itching in Nashville

One of my favorite ways to see a new city is by running in it. Sadly, this morning starts early and it looks like all I have time to do is write to you schmoes.

Akron approaches, two days and 22 hours as of this linking. And all I want to do is knock out a few miles, check out the Gaylord and whatever else is around these parts. If I didn't have the marathon this week, I'd run the 12 miles out and back to see the home of the Grand Ole Opry. But no, I'm sitting in this hotel bed with a laptop heating my already hot thighs. (Does that qualify as heat therapy?)

Two days and 22 hours ... that's kinda soon, huh? Perhaps it's time for a pep talk.

I hereby restate my Akron Marathon goals:
  • I will run my own race
  • I will not follow Martini's lead
  • I will line up with the 3:50 pace group and hold on for as long as I can
  • I will not get Supermanned (not that kind of Supermanned)
  • I will break four hours
  • I will not suffer
  • I will have rip-roaring fun
Two days and 22 hours! Cheers, all!


Razz said...

Nashville was a pleasant surprise for me. The Gaylord was too damn big, but the downtown area was fun.

Like the goals, Superman. Good luck!

Vava said...


chia said...

You forgot the "I will celebrate like a freaking rock star."

Most important line item of them all.

C said...

All I have to add is 'hell ya!'.

Heh, Gaylord.

Ian said...

Think of it this way; the longer you can hang with the 3:50 pace group the harder it will be for me to set my sights on your marathon PR come January.

Best of luck. Go get 'em Superman.

Spike said...

Destroy the race, then destroy a fifth. Good luck!

the erratic epicurean said...

i can't wait to cheer you on - booze in hand!!

Marcy said...

In fact why not just tape a picture of Vanilla or better yet Nitmos to the back of the pace leader's head. If that's not motivation I don't know what is :P

You'll do excellent I am sure. You've been on fiyah with the races. Go get em!

Aileen said...

Show Akron who's the boss! And if you're wondering who that is, it's not Tony's you.

I'll have a few Jamesons to toast your impending success this week. I do what I can for the team!

tfh said...

Just keep the laptop away from your upper thighs. Makes men less, er, manly, from what I've read.

Hard to believe the marathon is so soon!

Nitmos said...

I don't think Viper wants to ruin the good pictures he has of me in his house by taping them to someone's sweaty head. Nonsense.

Sounds like a solid plan. All that's left to do is execute it.

Good luck!

Laura said...

I haven't opened my Google Reader in almost a week... but I typed your address into IE from memory to check how your taper is going and if you're excited. Feel special :)

Will you be at the pasta party on Fri night? If not, meet up at the finish line? Let me know what works for you.

Ms. V. said...

WTG Viper! I'll be anxiously awaiting the report on WHY you ran in Akron.

Don't forget your chonies when you put your laptop on your legs!

Good luck!!!

Ms. V. said...

WTG Viper! I'll be anxiously awaiting the report on WHY you ran in Akron.

Don't forget your chonies when you put your laptop on your legs!

Good luck!!!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Yeah. it is kinda soon, eh? I say 1 more sleep and one sleepless night. Yepp.

I love the language your using "Will" is a powerful word!

Can't wait to read the report!

nwgdc said...

The second half of the Akron Marathon is all uphill, as you slowly climb out of that valley.


No one would design a course like that. Are you sure you don't have the start line and finish line juxtaposed?