Friday, August 15, 2008

Flashback Friday: Too Busy to Bother

This is all you get.

Back Talk
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get it. Your comments, my responses. Read on.

Vava had a rather perverted response to my Nathan QuickDraw Plus review: "Yes yes yes... But does the nipple pass inspection?"

Answer: That's kind of a personal question to ask a complete stranger, isn't it?

Can't Get Enough of Me
Since you all love reading about me and I don't have time to provide such reading, you should check me out in the other corners of the innernets.

Vanilla accepted my sportsman-like handshake and curiously wants a picture of me. Creepy.

Nitmos showed his usual supportive self in congratulating Vanilla and I on our recent PR challenge and has a delusion of meeting us in his town. Dream on, pal. We get it: you're jealous.

Praise Happy Hour. Run well and drink well.


Sun Runner said...

Run well and drink well.

I have a 14-mile training run tomorrow morning, followed by the NASCAR race on Sunday. I'm on this directive like a duck on a june bug.

Nitmos said...

Hmmm, this is what passes for a post these days? I feel as cheated as I did when I bought a ticket for the Johnny Knoxville vehicle, The Ringer.

Ian said...

Meeting Nitmos in his town? Like I'd ever be caught dead in Michigan... or Ohio for that matter.

C said...

It's always all about you, isn't it?

Belated congrats on PRing and beating Vanilla. That sub-50 10K is right around the corner.

God knows you don't need your ego inflated any more than it already is, but I thought I should say that I was impressed with the 'Of Disappointing PRs' section of Tuesday's post. Lots to think about there, especially beyond just running. Thanks.

Vava said...

No offense intended! It's my impression that nipples and porta-potties, etc. are fair game for conversations amongst runners...Besides, I meant the bottle, but you already knew that. Cheers!

chia said...

Why do they really call it "happy hour?" I mean really, when is the last time you went into a place and HH was actually 60 minutes?

Have a great weekend!