Friday, May 16, 2008

Flashback Friday: Return to Cleveland

My third half marathon is just two days away and is a reprisal of my first. I'm a firm believer in experience being the best teacher. Knowing the course helps my mental preparation for race day. I can remember the spots where I can coast and where I should start my final push. I've been feeling pretty confident in my game plan, but then I read this story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

So much for my veteran experience.

What I didn't read in there was a tweak in the start time for the post-race block party. That is, when can I get my free beer you taunting jerkfaces? Last year, the "beer garden" didn't open until 40 minutes after I was done racing. Seriously?

I did what any other serious drinker would do. I left. I had better beers to drink.

However, because of the Viper's mad detective skills, new information has come to light. There has been a change for the good. The beer tent will open at 8 a.m. Praise my liver! Salvation is mine!

I'm hoping, since I didn't see Michelob Ultra as a sponsor that maybe the beer selection will be improved as well. Would it be too much for Cleveland's own Great Lakes Brewing Co. to step in? Here's to hoping!

[Drunkard's note: Ignore grandma's wisdom about hoping in one hand, shitting in the other and seeing which gets filled first.]

Good luck to my fellow weekend racers. Thank you everyone who chimed in with encouraging comments these past few days. The race should be no problem. It's this sobriety thing that's tough. Raise a glass for me this happy hour. Cheers!


Nitmos said...

Your grandma has a filthy mouth. I'm appalled.

Enjoy the race to the Beer Garden. If this is Hell, you'll arrive just in time for the beer to run out.

C said...

I wish my grandma gave poignant advice like that.

Thank you for your generous offer to drink my share on Sunday. I know it will be tough for you and I appreciate your sacrifice.

Good luck and have fun!

Ian said...

Best of luck in the race. Less than 48 hours to go before your detox comes to an end!

Unknown said...

Good Luck dude... I will be sipping some Jagermeister for you on your race day. Look forward to your post-race report.

Anonymous said...

Viper kick some ass, and drink plenty of beer to refuel on all of those carbs. that you will be loosing while racing. Don't get lost out there.

The Laminator said...

Here's to super carb-loading AFTER you finish your race...but then again, beer drinking has no time limits and carb loading, well that's just for amateurs...

Good luck to you and your liver!