Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On the Wagon

I quit. Last night, when Casey Blake hit a double to win Cleveland's home opener, I had the fabled moment of clarity: I drink too much. It's time to stop.

Drinking takes a bite out my wallet. Every paycheck I take out a wad of money that I deem my boozing money.

Drinking gets me into trouble. Last year after my birthday I almost got arrested for trying to steal a picnic table. Last night I was waving traffic into parking spots outside the bar. And I'm lucky I haven't gotten a DUI.

Drinking has even gotten me injured.

I enjoy my beverages, but enough is enough. I figure the upshot of being a teetotaler (something I used to despise) is that my running will probably improve and I should finally be able to shed those 10 pounds I keep trying to shed.

What Now?
It doesn't seem like a good idea to have a blog called the Booze Hounds Inc. Running Team with a URL of boozehoundsinc.blogspot.com. So faithful readers, in the coming days I'll be deciding on what to call my new blog and find a new Web address. Any suggestions are welcome.

I have a few thoughts on a new focus of these ramblings. I'll still write about running, but I need something else to flesh it out since alcohol will no longer be a secondary topic. I recently have started learning the banjo and I've been thinking that maybe I'll regale you with stories about my new musical journey. I've also been reading a lot more, so maybe I'll try my hand at more reviews. At any rate, things will be changing here soon.

Thank you, everyone, for reading. I hope you follow me on my new life path.


Anonymous said...

Not drinking in Akron?? I don't think that is humanly possible. Well I guess that AA was formed there but no I just don't think that there is any hope for a alcohol free viper. Well why don't you try to form a Devo tribute band, can you imagine rocking out Whip-it with a twang?

Unknown said...

Yeah yeah yeah right!!! It's all part of April's Fool thing!

Nice try!

MissAllycat said...

Was it the label "Bald Face Lies" that gave it away??

Ian said...

The Viper's gone dry? Sounds about as likely as me quitting blogging to focus on my career.