Monday, January 14, 2008

Going Longer, Getting Faster

For some reason, the 20-mile week always feels like a significant milestone. Maybe that is because it is often the leaping off point for any serious training plan. Last week marked my first 20-mile week of the New Year, and it feels like I'm off to a good start.

Although, I'm still trying to shake off the early season slows, I've already shaved a good 45 seconds from my first timed run of 2008, which was apparently more accurate than I suspected. I'm seeing the progress without feeling the soreness.

A couple more weeks at this level and I can really start focusing on my first race of the year. I just need to find out what that is.

Weight of Lies
In an effort to pay more attention to my overall fitness, I've decided to buckle and buy a scale. I've never been -- nor wanted to be -- too concerned about my weight, but I've decided to keep better track of it as it pertains to making me a faster runner.

I'm around 175 pounds, which is a hair overweight, according to my BMI. Ideally, I'd like to shave about six pounds to get below 170. It's not something I'll obsess over, but a scale is kind of necessary to see my progress.

Speaking of Shaving
Vanilla has challenged you! (He knows better than to challenge me.) The Shave Your 5K Challenge deadline is March 31, which means you have to run a 5K soon to record your "stubble" time. Since there doesn't seem to be 5K anywhere near me, I doubt I'll partake.

Instead, maybe I'll play the Shave My Half Marathon Challenge, considering I ran two last year with almost identical times (~1:56) and sported a full beard until October. Now, I'm clean shaven and looking at the Cleveland Half in May to break my first PR of 2008.


John said...

i thought maybe the shaving thing was going to be a compare and contrast discussion to waxing. i'm kind of disappointed.

B. Kramer said...

As someone who sliced the tip of his thumb off with a utility knife, I keep blades away from vital ... appendages. Sorry to disappoint.