Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Seasonal Recovery

The Viper has a new love. She is dark with a hint of sweetness. When she kisses, it is will full force. But she hides her real strength behind the incredible flavor of her emotions. She leaves me satisfied time after time. And yet, I can't get enough of her company.

I, of course, am talking about Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout, a 10 percent ABV Imperial Stout available only in winter. And oh does it keep you warm!

I am a big fan of seasonal beers. They break up the monotony of drinking the same old brews. However, oftentimes it seems like many seasonals are just way too sweet. Despite the chocolate flavor, the Black Chocolate Stout is not overly sweet. It's like dark chocolate -- robust and rich rather than sweet -- which is the only chocolate I like.

The past few years, the Great Lakes Christmas Ale has been my favorite winter treat. Its cinnamon and spice and everything nice flavor is tad sweet, but for the few months it's available I can't seem to get enough of its 7.5 percent ABV goodness.

However, it's hangover fuel. Sometimes when I have too many at the pub (i.e., always), I'll start to get a headache right there in my stool. Not the case with my new love. She's stronger and just as flavorful, but she treats me like I deserve to be treated. So it's out with the Xmas Ale and in with Black Chocolate Stout! Now, if I can just find it on draft.

And on top of all her wondrous qualities, the BCS also is a magnificent recovery beer. Last night, I picked up a sixer after a four-mile run. Good carb replacement to fill my belly and proper healing effects. Do yourself a favor and find a conscientious beer vendor to grab a taste. I bet it goes real well with your Thanksgiving Day pie. You're welcome.

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