Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who is the Viper?

I've been a runner since March 2006 and racing gives me the motivation to keep going. Though I won't be challenging any Kenyans anytime soon, for me it's about survival. Just call me Mr. Persistent.

As I wrote before, Booze Hounds Inc. began as a MySpace group, but I killed my acount and thus the group died with it. So, now, here it has been revived as a combination of a running/drinking log. Welcome to any reader who is a serious drinking and/or a serious runner. We all have our addictions.

Why Viper? Eh, it's a nickname that was given me while working at a shitty little record store. The name stuck, and I prefer anonymity so it works well as an alias. I like it better than the old MyShyte title of the supreme lord Task Master. And it gives me cause to post GI Joe photos. No go get a drink.

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